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Recent Recipe Successes

I love a good recipe recommendation. Any recommendation, actually. Books, products, recipes, if you love it I want to know about it. My amazon wish list is full of recommended reads and the majority of my starred google reader posts are recipes that my invisible internet friends rave about.

So, I thought it was time to return the favor and post a few of my recently enjoyed recipes.

Thai Chicken Enchiladas– OMGyum. Relatively easy to pull together and the flavors are awesome. Zach was hesitant to try to it, but seriously I’d make it again just to eat it all myself. The next time I make this dish I’ll probably use only 4 tortillas to balance the ratio of filling to tortilla a little more since I’m one of those people who always over-stuffs their tacos. Sidenote: Why are herbs sold in such big bunches. I have a literal bush of cilantro in my fridge I don’t know what to do with.

Pepper-Beef Stir Fry– This dish is in our rotation weekly. I’m serious. It’s that good. Plus it takes less than 30 minutes and is relatively low calorie. I serve it over ramen-type noodles for my husband and I eat it over Shirataki noodles because I’m fancy. The recipe says to only cook everything together at the end for 30 seconds, but I find letting it cook for a few minutes thickens the sauce up perfectly.

Spaghetti Squash With Roasted Veggies- In an effort to not weigh 300lbs after spaghetti and meatball night I substitute spaghetti squash for my portion of pasta and bulk it out with some roasted veggies. I’ve found the easiest way to cook spaghetti squash is to stab it a few times with a knife, pop it in the microwave until it’s soft enough to cut, cut it in half, and stick the squash cut side down in a pyrex dish with a little water and microwave until it’s easy to squeeze (it should give like a baseball glove).  I like to roast some California blend veggies and zucchini until brown and then add them to the squash. Cover with sauce and add a few meatballs and cheese if desired. Ta-da!

Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies-I saw this recipe on Pinterest and could not get it out of my head. Coconut, chocolate chips, oatmal? Sign. Me. Up.  I cut the recipe in half and made it last night, adding in half a cup of white chocolate chips and a few tablespoons of walnuts because, YOLO.  Had I remembered the craisins in my cupboard I would have thrown some of them in too. I feel like this could be a great kitchen sink cookie. Add enough fruit, nuts, and grains and you can call it a breakfast cookie and feel no guilt eating it with your morning coffee. I mean, if you’re not like me. I personally believe baked goods are the best breakfast food. Eggs, flour, milk-Cosby says that’s good enough.  Anyway, this recipe came out great but halving it still left me with a TON of batter. Be forewarned.


Ok internet, what say you? Any great recipe finds?

Comments on: "Recent Recipe Successes" (2)

  1. I am going to attempt to make those enchiladas, they look sooo good!! and I LOVE thai food.

  2. YES to the issue with herbs in such huge bunches. I suppose I should suck it up and grow my own cilantro because I always have this issue.

    If I make a recipe that calls for cilantro, I usually try to plan another meal for later in the week where I could make cilantro-lime rice as a side.

    If I forget… well, cilantro in the garbage disposal smells amazing.

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