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The Case For Gossip

I think gossip gets a bad wrap.

It’s like eating carbs or pouring that third glass of wine; for a moment the thought that we shouldn’t do it rolls through our brain, but it just feels so damn good.

Today, I’m giving you permission to gossip. Do it. Talk about your family members, your friends, your high school nemisis. Don’t feel bad about it. Pass your judgements, make your observations, gossip like there’s no tomorrow.

Then sit back and reflect a little bit. Match up your emotions to each piece of gossip. Do you envy Susan and her commitment to juicing for a healthy lifestyle? Does Sally’s most recent social media bitch fest make you re-evaluate how much complaining you do online? Is dishing about Jim’s parenting style breaching the conversation between you and your partner about how you want to parent your own kid one day?

Through gossip we learn about ourselves and each other. We create our own list of socially acceptable behaviors and are constantly revising and addending them to fit our ever changing social group. Just the fact that we deem some things worthy of gossip and others uninteresting provides inlets to our own value system. Often we focus our gossip on the areas of our own lives where we feel lacking so pay attention to what news you’re spreading. You might just figure out what you should spending more time on in order to make yourself happier.

I’m not saying that we should bad-mouth each other or be malicous or hurtful in our gossip. Slam books and mean websites are never ok. Instead I’m proposing that act of talking about the affairs of others is more about ourselves than the subject of our gossip and that we should stop beating ourselves up for something so natural.

Gossip can be a good thing, as long as you know how to use it. Who and what do you find yourself gossiping about lately? How does it make you feel? What discovery can you make from it?

Give yourself permission to gossip.
It’s ok. Really.

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  1. I often feel guilty when i am talking to my husband about all our family and friends. I feel like i am “gossiping” but then i have to remind myself that obviously these things are troubling me and he’s my husband for goodness sake, i need to be talking to him about what is concerning me.

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