Somebody's gotta be interested in how I feel, just 'cause I'm here and I'm real.

Own It

1. In my world Star Trek>Star Wars. I don’t care about your argument. I like what I like.

2. I unapologetically enjoy The Big Bang Theory, Anne Hathaway, the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice, fake sugar (chemicals be damned), Ke$ha songs, sitcoms from the 90’s (Why isn’t Mad About You Season 6 available yet?!) and the underpopped pieces of popcorn.

3. Though I want children, the thought of making my parents grandparents is terrifying because my brain equates grandparents as People Who Will Die and I’m not ready for that to be a reality.

4. I don’t really like music. I buy one or two cd’s a year. Yes, I still prefer to buy cds. I typically only listen to music in the car. Usually it’s the radio or Ani Difranco.

5. I hate when men tell me to smile, but I love when the security guards greet me with  “Good morning, beautiful/sweetheart/darlin’!”

6. I kinda want a juicer, but I think that’s because I want to be the kind of person who would use a juicer, not because I actually want to drink a lot of juice. This basic premise is the refrain to my life.

7. I have to trick myself into making phone calls. Weird ones, like making an appointment or calling a relative. Most of the time I have to write myself a script and give myself a deadline before I can ever bring myself to dial.

8. I’ve been married almost three years and I’m still remarkably selfish in many ways. This past weekend my husband had a cold and I couldn’t stop myself from being grumpy about his illness keeping us from doing anything fun on those unplanned beautiful days.

9. I like to swim laps at the gym once in a while, but I can only do it if someone else is in the pool. Otherwise I start to imagine sharks or whales swimming behind me and freak myself out to the point where I have to get out.

10. I’ve been reading a lot of long distance hiking memoirs recently and I’ve been completely taken with the idea of doing a long hike one day. Then I went for a chilly walk with the dog this weekend and I realized that my intense desire to be comfortable will probably not jibe with a grueling all-weather trek across the wilderness. See also: the reason why “Give Me All The Drugs, Do You Still Do Twilight Births In This Establishment? I Want That, Please!” will probably be my birth plan one day.

*This post idea stolen shamelessly from my blog big sister, Brandy

Comments on: "Own It" (10)

  1. I also am pretty selfish in my marriage and we’ve been married almost three years too. This past weekend, the message at church was how to be a less selfish spouse and it totally hit home. I work on it every day but man oh man…I fought constantly with myself that a) yes I can be less selfish but b) he should also be trying more! and so the selfishness remains…le sigh

    • Yea, I’m in the same boat. I know the only person I can control is myself, but it’s so unfair that I can’t make him change too!

  2. 2) I don’t understand why people don’t like The Big Bang Theory. I really, really don’t understand what is wrong with it. And Anne Hathaway is a glorious, wonderful person that I want to hang out with. Also, we we obviously need to dance to some Ke$ha songs soon.

    4) I feel like if you don’t “love” music, you get judged. So people fake it. I think way more people are “meh” about music than they admit.

    5) I agree 100%. Creeps me out when men feel the need to comment on a smile, but some people can always get away with a greeting like your security guards. I don’t know what it is.

    6) I feel this way about yoga. I wish I did it and liked it, but I’m fairly positive this is just because I want to be one of those yoga people.

    7) The more important a phone call is, the less likely I am to make it without a lot of prodding.

    8) This is human nature, in my opinion. We just have to repress the urge to outwardly grumpy to the poor sick person. Also… Man Colds are the worst.

    9) I have to be able to see the bottom of any body of water. Otherwise there are obviously deadly sharks in it. Horrible, evil death sharks.

    • I don’t know either! Tumblr erupted over it the other day though, I guess I follow people who are too bougie to like a cbs show. Whatever. Also, this whole comment is why I love you.

  3. Oh i love Star Trek. I grew up on Next Generation and Voyager. What is your favourite series?
    What i don’t like about the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice is not Keira Knightley but the actor who plays Mr Darcy and the actress who plays Mrs Bennett. I thought Mrs Bennett was an extremely weak character, which she is not mean to be at all!

  4. i’m so incredibly obsessed with the kiera knightly pride & prejudice, i can watch it nonstop. & sweet mercy #8, i so get that way sometimes too, ha.

  5. I love the underpopped pieces of popcorn and I love hunting through a bowl of mostly unpopped pieces to find those perfect and delicious almost-popped pieces.

    And I feel the same way about wanting a juicer. I want to be a person who juices things.

    And I’m currently reading Awol on the Appalachian Trail and it’s making me want to hike the trail in a very serious way, but I also like being warm and dry and I feel like I’d have to hike it by myself otherwise I’d be so annoying and whiny that someone would murder me.

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